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While the picture he painted of himself through 's bleak-banging Faces tape is real as can be, it caught him in a surreal state: questioning everything, depressed.

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In , at 23, we meet Mac all over again. The Mac who's got some answers, who sold the mansion, climbed out of the rabbit hole, and went back home to make his most confident and clear-headed album yet. Home is Pennsylvania.

Malcolm McCormick was born there to an architect dad and a photographer mom she shot the cover of Watching , and raised Jewish in Pittsburg's Point Breeze neighborhood. He taught himself piano, bass, guitar and drums as a kid, and made rap his job at He stole stuff and sold things to pay for studio time, and cut class to record. Mac was 18 when he dropped K.

His first tour sold out everywhere. In , Mac's album arrived hard.

Mac Miller

Blue Slide Park — a record quaintly named after a local landmark — landed at No. That's when things got heavy. A relationship ended. A friend died. Fans were rabid, but the road grind was endless.

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The drugs were gone but the darkness persisted, and his home became a hub for other MCs exploring equally heady musical terrain. There was a sliver of light in there. On tour abroad, he drunk-dialed Rick Rubin one night and the bearded guru answered his call. Mac spent most of the next summer at the super-producer's fabled Malibu complex, eschewing music for meditation, ice baths, and conversation.

Live From Space by Mac Miller | Free Listening on SoundCloud

He left a few bad habits behind and moved on to his third proper album, which finds Mac reuniting with his Pittsburg production crew — I. What sound do you want the mixtape sound like?

Mac Miller - S.D.S. (Live) Official Audio

Carbon on about 6 years ago. Fidelio how about this for a bit idea I honestly think this might be his best project, I know, the more I listen to it, it sounds the most focused and the most true to him in terms of an artist, it balances out all of his last projects sounds from Macadelic to Live From Space and it stays consistent with its theme and concept. I'ts kind of depressing to be honest but at the same time its entertaining and feels like summer time music.

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I've never done heroin and never will, but it makes me feel like I'm going through what that conflicting high would feel like, how you feel depressed but at the same time your enjoying it. Out here making nothing but positive posts :nas: Based Mac Took too many uppers. Did y'all peep the Delusional Thomas cameo? Amazing Prophet Sosaaa.

Fell Asleep and Forgot to Die: Mac Miller's Good Morning

Columbus, Ohio HelloFiDelio on about 6 years ago. Bigg Oppai Subete wa, watashitachi no megami o kangei shimasu. Based Mac on about 6 years ago. New York