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      Wensley Clarkson. Detroit's Infamous Purple Gang. Paul R.

      Saying Farewell to a Gangster of a Bygone Era

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      In the early s Ike Taylor was convicted of attempted murder and other charges after the shooting of Albert Harris. In the court case of People vs. Harris stopped walking when he heard the clicking sound of a gun, he turned and claimed he saw Ike Taylor standing there holding a pistol. The man with the shotgun in the doorway fired next and shot Harris in his right side.


      His mother heard the frenzy of gun fire and her son cry out then rushed to the scene as the men fled. Harris was blinded, was left with a difficulty speaking, lost six teeth and was left with scars all over but survived the attack. According to court documents Lawson was acquitted of the crime and the other three men not named were never found. Taylor App.

      In later years Ike Taylor would become a positive leader and positive advocate for the Growth and Development concepts of the Gangster Disciples. Larry Hoover became the target for assassination attempts. He was shot on two occasions then on September 4 th , a third attempt was made on him. On this day Englewood was on high alert as Disciples, Gangsters and Stones were packing guns and ready to shoot each other. At Parker High School members of the Supreme Gangsters and Disciples were especially ready to get into drama against each other.


      Original Gangstas - Wikipedia

      No one was killed but Highsmith was convicted of the shooting and sentenced to one to five years from source A Report on Chicago Crime by the Chicago Crime Commission. During this same year of , Jeff Fort and the Black P Stones were raking in thousands of dollars in government grant money after projecting the public appearance as a community youth group in need of funding to help poverty. I that began investigations. The same groups that granted money to the Stones also gave money to the Disciples as well. I investigation for mismanaging those funds for illegal activities such as buying drugs and guns.

      In January of , Larry Hoover was highly recognized by David Barksdale and Jeff Fort because the Gangsters had risen to become the third largest outfit on the south side of the city. Now this is where history gets tricky and has caused many disputes on the streets for many years on if Larry Hoover and the Gangsters became Stones. Some will tell you he was a Stone and others will say no way. The peace between them lasted close to a half year but ended up going sour as Larry was seeing more and more how Jeff would not let him rule alongside him as an equal. Here are the details of that shooting that pushed things over the edge between Stones and Gangsters.

      At the intersection of 69thand Green at address West 69th Street old shrimp shop no longer there between a.

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      Lonnie started telling Ronald that he did not belong around there and to stop coming around that neighborhood because Ronald was a Supreme Gangster. Ronald did not get far because of his wound and fell between two cars. The two men ran two blocks away to the corner of 68th and Green and that is where they met up with Charles Hoover at the family home of Larry Hoover.