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While there are many technical information sites, my purpose is to write clear solutions to common Macintosh problems with lots of illustrations to make it easy to follow along. In my work as a consultant, I must keep my computer up-to-date, so illustrations and directions will be made from the latest version of the Mac OS X operating system.

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Blog Bob LeVitus Consulting. Once again, I have been reminded of the consequences of waiting a few months.

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While we are now at That was the case today as I helped my daughter with Lion. One of the things that is really bothering her is the new full screen mode.

Essentially, the entire screen is filled by my web site, MacMousecalls. Even the menu bar at the top of the screen has disappeared.

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As with most Mac things, there are several ways to exit the Full Screen mode. The first, but certainly not most obvious is the Esc or escape key that is in the uppermost left corner of the keyboard. Just press it and you are back to normal! Of course, there is another way.

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If you take the cursor up to the top of the screen where the menu bar is usually found, it will reappear though it can take a few seconds. But I use it quite often to track packages, and view current weather conditions through the stock Weather widget. Getting to the Dashboard isn't always convenient, so adding a menu bar icon to detail the current temp and weather conditions seemed like a good idea when I came across Degrees in the Mac App Store.

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The free app doesn't offer much in way of features, but it doesn't need to. When you launch the app after installing, you'll see a weather icon in your menu bar with the current temperature outside.

Change The Notification Center Menu Bar Icon In Mountain Lion [OS X Tips] | Cult of Mac

You can enter your location, or let the app determine your location for you. You can also limit it to displaying only the current temperature or current weather conditions if your menu bar starts feeling a bit cramped. I did have some issues entering my location, and the first go wouldn't let me select the box for Degrees to determine my location for me, but quitting and relaunching the app resolved both issues. You can download Degrees from the Mac App Store for free. It's compatible with OS X