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To verify the Outlook identity, go to the Office Identities folder. Relocate the folder to the desktop or another folder to automatically create a new database. Sometimes the crashing problem may stem from damaged Outlook preference files.


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Similar to the above method, you need to move the preference files to the desktop:. Library is a hidden folder, press down the Option key while clicking the Go menu. If the problem stopped, one of the files is causing it. Try dragging the files back to the Preferences folder one by one and launch Outlook to isolate the problematic file.

Launch Outlook to check if the problem occurs. Repeat the above manipulations and check the files one by one. Use the following troubleshooting techniques to solve the above issues: Try MacFly Pro.

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Main Menu. Word Keeps Crashing on Mac. Excel Keeps Crashing on Mac. The solutions listed below are suitable for Excel on Mac: Microsoft Outlook Keeps Crashing on Mac.

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The recommended item count: But AutoRecover does not replace regularly saving your files, you must still do this. Shown below this is the AutoRecover file location which in this example is "N: These are the standard settings for users on IT Services computers.

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They mean that every 10 minutes, a copy of the work in progress will be automatically saved to the user's N: In this example, that means that at most you will have lost 10 minutes worth of work. There are two ways to recover information. Firstly, if you are at the same computer you were using when the problem occurred and nobody else has used it in the meantime, then once you have been able to restart or log back on to the computer, open Word again.

When you open it, Word will automatically check for any auto-saved files on the left-hand side of the screen. There is a good explanation of how AutoRecover works and where the temporary file are stored in Word Help.

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Here's a link to that help topic:. Recover files in Office for Mac.

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It would be a complete waste of your time. It wouldn't hurt to check to make sure your install is up to date. Go to the Word menu and choose About Word.

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If you have version If it's older, then do the following:. Ensure your Mac and Office have the latest updates.

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If you use Antidote, Webex, Silverlight, EndNote, Zotero or other add-ins there is a potential for crashes unless you also update your add-ins to the latest update. Install updates for these programs if you have them. I am an unpaid volunteer and do not work for Microsoft.