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You are working along in Excel, everything is going well, but suddenly you notice that you can no longer move around properly in your spreadsheet. You press the arrow keys, but instead of the cursor moving to another cell, the entire worksheet seems to be moving.

What happened? Because it is an issue of Scroll Lock. Before we learn how to enable or disable scroll lock in Excel, we must learn what is scroll lock?

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The Scroll Lock is a setting that determines what happens when you use the Arrow Keys on your keyboard in Excel. The problem is scroll lock is on, and you need to switch it off again. A PC keyboard has a scroll lock key, but a Mac one doesn't appear to. If you are using an Apple Extended Keyboard it does, and the super secret scroll lock key is March 1, at pm.

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How to Turn Off Scroll Lock in Excel - How to Disable Scroll Lock in Excel

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Re: Excel 2011 - Unable to Unlock Scroll Lock on MacBook Pro

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