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You should see your entire Camera Roll when you do this. If you did intend to delete what you selected, then click the blue Delete button.

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The reason I say this is because your Mac has a larger screen and you can better pick and choose what photos and videos you really want to keep. The larger screen makes it easier to see photos up close so you can delete the blurry or out-of-focus ones and keep the good ones only. Now you need to select the photos you want to import.

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To select individual photos, hold down the Command key as you click the images. Selected photos are highlighted blue. Or to select a group of photos, click the first photo, then hold down the Shift key and click the last photo.

Transfer photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Select the folder you want to copy the photos to. For example, you could copy them to the Pictures folder on your Mac. To view more folders or create a new one, click Other in the pop-up menu.

Using the Image Capture Utility in Mac OS X

Would you rather import all images from your iPhone? Click Import All instead of selecting individual photos.

Free Video Reveals Table Of Contents: Cable Or Wireless Transfer? There are two main ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac: Automatic wireless transfer of all photos from your iPhone iCloud Photos offers a simple way to transfer your entire photo library from iPhone to Mac. Select the Photos checkbox.

What to do when Image Capture doesn’t see your iPhone and iPad | Macworld

Then click Options next to Photos. Click Done. Then close the iCloud options window.

Have you spotted a problem? What if you want to delete photos from your iPhone, but keep them on your Mac? Read on to find out how to delete images from the Photos app, but keep them on your Mac. The selected photos appear with a blue outline.

Can I Use an Old Mac to Get Pictures Off an iPhone? [Ask MacRx]

The problem with HEIFs is not all computers and software recognize this new image format. Method 2: You can also access the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings using the following shortcut: You can now drag the photos from Downloads to a folder of your choice.

How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To Mac: The Ultimate Guide

If prompted, unlock your iPhone. The photos from your iPhone will appear in the main part of the window. General-purpose computers are terrible for creativity [Opinion]. How-To Apple is all about the cutting edge, but in the real world people use older computers that may not have the latest and greatest software. Leave a comment. Posted in: How-To Tagged: