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Can you highlight all of them and open them all at once Command-o to unzip them all? I tried that but it crashes the Finder, there are way too many files. Except I had bz2 files, so I used find. Anyone can shed light or explain this syntax, please?

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  • When you move a folder to a location that contains a folder with the same name, the Finder will present a number of merging options. A dialog box will open, presenting two or three options, depending on the state of the files in each Project X folder:. Merge: This option will combine the contents of both folders, keeping the newest version of files with matching names, and preserving all files with unique names. The end result will be a folder that contains the newest version of each file from the two folders.

    Merging Subfolders When merging folders, any subfolders will also undergo the merge functions, with this caveat: The Finder only offers the merge option if there are changes in the top-level folders. In this example, if the Project X folders are identical, with the same names and modification dates, even though there are changes in one or more subfolders, the option to merge will not be presented. Use Ditto to Merge If you find yourself in the situation where only subfolders have changes that need to be merged, you can use the Ditto command from within Terminal.

    Ditto will perform a recursive merge, starting at the top level of the folder, merging all the files, and then continuing on to each subfolder it encounters. The end result is that all files and subfolders in the two Project X folders will be merged. The Ditto command can merge folders and all subfolders they may contain.

    An easy way to enter the pathnames is to open a Finder window and navigate to the location of the first folder, and then drag it onto the Terminal window. Terminal will convert the dragged folder into the pathname for you. Press the space key once after you drag the first folder into Terminal, and then repeat the process with the second folder, dragging it onto the Terminal window. Once both folders have been dragged onto the Terminal window, press the return key to execute the Ditto command.

    You can view the results in the Finder. Note: We will update once we confirm this tip is compatible with macOS Mojave.

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    Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Leave this field empty. Will address that later, as I believe anything I try to save from this point forward will be in Cloud. The differences between the two giant folders are buried down in sub-sub-sub folders…is Mac OS really too stupid to look for anything dissimilar below the names of the top folders??? The quickest and safest way is to copy all files from MAC to windows, then remove all duplicates on windows and copy back to Mac.

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    I just did a ditto from source to destination. In theory the destination should have all the files from source and update any newer files from source to destination. This suggests the Finder option-drag does in fact drill down into subfolders macOS Mojave And given that the DSCF A second option-drag after the first one completes with a merge results in offering a merge again with a different dialog. Ok, maybe that is doing a ditto.

    Looking for a file or data base merge solution between high sierra and sierra iOS. Im being told that I cannot migrate phots for example from high sierra back to sierra. Can I export them and convert them? Need an over all solution as I reverted back to sierra after a nightmare experience when updating to high sierra and losing tons of files randomly.


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    I have no idea what I have lost. I created a little app in Automator that streamlines the ditto process without needing to open a terminal window. Double-click the app, get a finder popup for the source, then a finder popup for the destination, and done.