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Learn more about this feature. When storage space is needed, only space-saving optimized versions of photos are kept on your Mac. To download the original photo or video, just open it. Store all messages and attachments in iCloud. When storage space is needed, only the messages and attachments you recently opened are kept on your Mac. Learn more about Messages in iCloud. Optimize Storage Click the Optimize button, then choose from these options. Automatically remove watched iTunes movies and TV shows. When storage space is needed, iTunes movies or TV shows that you already watched are removed from your Mac.

What is Startup Disk Full on macOS?

Download only recent attachments. Mail automatically downloads only the attachments that you recently received.

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You can manually download any attachments at any time by opening the email or attachment, or saving the attachment to your Mac. Don't automatically download attachments. Mail downloads an attachment only when you open the email or attachment, or save the attachment to your Mac. Empty Trash Automatically Empty Trash Automatically permanently deletes files that have been in the Trash for more than 30 days. Reduce Clutter Reduce Clutter helps identify large files and files you might no longer need.

Don't despair — here's what you can do to recover your files on your own. Read More. AppCleaner is the best way to uninstall apps on Mac because it automatically deletes all junk files related to the app. From here, click on Manage. The first action you should take is to turn on the feature that automatically empties the Trash after 30 days. Next, click on the Applications button. Select one or multiple apps you want to uninstall and click on Delete.

The app and app data will be sent to the Trash. From the same Storage Management window, click on the Documents option from the sidebar.


The best way to reclaim a big chunk of storage space is to remove a couple of huge files. Weeding through hundreds of small files takes a lot longer. Take a look at the files at the top of the list and see if you can live without them. To delete a file, click on it and press the Delete button. If you have space in your Dropbox or Google Drive account, you can move the file to your cloud storage to free up local storage.

The Downloads section gives you a breakdown of files and folders that are older than three months, six months, or one year. The File Browser section is basically a Finder view in the storage management tool. You can browse through your entire file storage system and find files or folders that you want to delete. If you back up your iPhone or iPad to your Mac, the backups could take up gigabytes of storage space. In a similar fashion, you can delete data from the iTunes app from the iTunes section.

Startup Disk Full on Mac OS - How to fix?

Movies, TV shows, and audiobooks will show up here. By default, the cloud syncing services have a tendency to download all data to your Mac. Remember, you can always access your Dropbox data from the website or mobile app. Optimize Storage feature in Photos works exactly as it does on iPhone.

Instead of keeping your entire iCloud Photo Library on the device, it will only keep the most recent photos, along with low-resolution thumbnails of older photos.

How to Check Disk Space on a Mac?

However, you can manage your hard drive in a multitude of ways depending on your end goal. A partition can be used to make it easier to organize your data, create separate work environments with different operating systems, or create faster disk access. Boot Camp is built into the macOS and can be set up to partition the hard drive for your desired use, such as needing to run PC programs.

If you have another startup disk with a compatible operating system, your Mac can start up from that disk instead of your current startup disk. By default, your Mac will start up from the built-in hard drive. However, you can select any hard drive that contains an operating system that is compatible with your Mac.

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  8. For example, if you install macOS or Windows on an external drive, your Mac can recognize that drive as a startup disk. If you followed the steps above, your computer should now immediately restart with the desired startup disk.

    Find and Remove Duplicate Files

    You can view your storage details by selecting:. However, this comes at a cost of your time. Manually searching and deleting space-hogging items from your drive can take hours. Here are the juicy tips on how to easily clear up space on your precious Mac. For example, my Downloads folder was last cleared out only three months ago. I already have 4. Follow this pathway to get to your Download folder:. After deleting my entire Downloads folder, it now reflects only 1 MB of usage. This also seems like a simple trick, but it can also save precious disk space if you rarely empty your Trash.

    Currently, I have 4. This is very easy to do! You see that cute little Trash icon on your macOS dock? Yep, this one:. Deciding which apps to delete or keep is kind of like deciding which clothes to keep or donate. Will I need it later? Is it outdated? This will be different for every user, so I highly suggest thoroughly deciding whether or not you need the application.

    To open your Applications folder, follow this pathway:.

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    I organize my Applications by size to see the largest programs at the top. I tend to keep my Applications folder minimalistic, but yours might be much larger and filled with unused applications. Again, my work Applications folder is very minimalistic, and I really only download what I need. So I will only be gaining What is cache? Cache is a temporary file that duplicates information previously processed by your computer, so when you open or access the file in the future, it loads quicker.

    Go ahead and type in the following:. This will bring up your entire system library of cache. A library log is another temporary file that usually contains user data.

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