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I've bought fake eye shadows and pencils when I was starting off doing making and burnt the bloody eyes of myself Here's a guide I found online on how to spot Fake Mac Brushes If any of ya are thinking of buying brushes online Authentic MAC brushes and brush sets come in clear plastic sleeves with a bar code printed on the sleeve. Many of the fake cosmetic brushes come in clear plastic but without the bar code. In addition, many fake cosmetic brushes come with additional hard plastic protectors for the hairs.

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Real MAC cosmetic brushes do not have this additional plastic protector. They come in the simple clear plastic sleeves with bar code.

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On real brushes, the lettering is printed on the handle and easily rubes off with your nail. To be honest, the guide to spotting fakes is misleading and incorrect. It is normal to have shimmer.

Originally Posted by Ashley To be honest, the guide to spotting fakes is misleading and incorrect. I can't say "They are real" because I never bought MAC brushes before but like I said, I went to the MAC store and my brushes looks exactly like the ones there, except for the rings in the metal part But the brush in the store have this rings like my brushes. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL.

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Go To Topic Listing. Are reviews important to you? I believe that this is an integral part of the business. Good product or service - good reviews. Mom raised me differently.

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For example, buy only on the recommendations of friends. I respect people who buy goods always write open reviews and indicate all the advantages and disadvantages. At one time, I read this content and really helped my nerves to remain. Therefore, I would like to know your attitude to product reviews and at the same time find out how often you write reviews yourself?

Crooked teeth problem.

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I also have crooked teeth , but I even dont want to fix them cause its my beauty that nature gave me. Also I want to everyone accept me like this, because I am who I am. What is the best lie of the twentieth Century?

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It is; "there is nothing you can achieve for your revealed spots. There is much you can achieve for your hair meager condition. Everything thought of it as, is definitely not hard to manage than you may speculate. You get guaranteed results through our FUE hair transplant in Dubai. This blog section discusses how this latest hair transplant in Dubai can empower you to regrow afresh.

This subject is for you if your scalp has revealed or thin zones. How Baldness Occurs? Before we start discussing the right solution for meager condition, we ought to quickly review why some scalp regions quit creating hair. Real Techniques , for example:. The MAC :. And those toothbrush-y Artis brushes:. I think we're all on the same page about the risks and questionable ethics of fake makeup like those definitely real Naked 4 palettes that pop up in markets and gray market salon products.

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But where do knockoff makeup brushes fall on the ethical spectrum? That being said, they're still coming in contact with the skin, and there is a risk of the fibres and glue used not being approved for cosmetic use. But what if they're only modeled after the popular brands? This doesn't seem much different than what drugstore brands do. Take Makeup Revolution 's style of imitating Too Faced's palettes, for example, or the plethora of sponges that look awfully similar to Beautyblenders available since they blew up in popularity. The companies behind the originals in cases like these spent a long time on research and development — an investment of time and money that the imitators don't have to make.

It's the beauty industry's equivalent of fast fashion, and it raises the same questions.

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Are you buying these brushes to fill a need, or because everyone has them? These are questions you probably don't want to get too far into as a beauty lover or you will have an existential crisis and freak out about all the plastic you're consuming and pledge to live packaging-free for the rest of your life I always wondered how people did this successfully, but not enough to buy one of their books. They're still important to consider, though, and I think everyone benefits from being a conscious consumer. All that aside, you probably want to know what the cheap eBay brushes are like.

They were entirely adequate — that is, until they started falling apart. While I don't expect a cheap brush to last forever, I've had my Real Techniques brushes for significantly longer and they're still going strong. It seems as though the construction of the brushes — perhaps the glue — is substandard.